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Year 2 info


In order to be enrolled in this course, you have to register by clicking the "JOIN" button. Alternatively, you can contact the school administrator. Classes begin 9.00 am - 10.00am  every Sunday morning



 Kingdom Module [4 Hours]

KLS 201   Understanding the Kingdom

KLS 202   Kingdom Language

KLS 203   Kingdom Lifestyle

KLS 204   Kingdom Warfare 

Kingdom Service Module [3 Hours]

KLS 205   Kingdom Discipline

KLS 206    Kingdom Stewardship

KLS 207    Kingdom Mandate

Kingdom Prosperity Module [2 Hours]

KLS 208   Understanding Kingdom Prosperity I

KLS 209   Understanding Kingdom Prosperity II

Holy Spirit Module [4 Hours]

KLS 210   Walking in the Spirit

KLS 211   The Fruit of the Spirit

KLS 212   The Gifts of the Spirit

KLS 213   Speaking in Tongues

Review [1 Hour]

Exams [1 Hours]

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